Why Women Should be Squatting for an Active Future

Why Women Should be Squatting for an Active Future

WOMEN in their 40’s should be SQUATTING now and as you move through your nifty 50’s, swinging 60’s and beyond.

I’m so glad you joined me and ready to discover the reason why every 40-year-old woman should be squatting and never stopping. 

Now the squat, you either love them or hate them but either way, this exercise is no fad and is here to stay.

Once you get going, your joints will thank you, your mind will thank you, and most importantly, your bones will be bouncing with joy.

Every day, in my Exercise Physiology Studio, I help women of all ages and abilities to squat with good form, no pain, and gradually with weights to feel Active, VIBRANT and Strong.

Let’s get learning, loving, and committing to the SQUAT. The squat is just one of many simple exercises I teach to my clients to strengthen their mind and body, improving their overall health and energy levels.


Oh, and in case we haven’t met before, I’m Steph. I support women who are ready (that’s you) to obtain stronger bones, better posture and lifelong balance through simple exercises and supplements

Let’s start putting your health FIRST, you will then experience many benefits: 

  • Increased bone strength
  • Stronger muscles and joints
  • Improved energy
  • Better quality sleep & mood

 The 3 reasons why you should add the SQUAT into your exercise program:


We’ve moved away from how squats make you look and more on how they’re going to make you feel, the first being STRONG.

Squats will improve your bone density especially weighted squats. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re going to get ‘big bones’ just ‘strong bones’. 

Most people will reach their peak bone mass between the ages of 25 and 30. By the time we reach age 40, we slowly begin to lose bone mass. 

We can, however, take steps to avoid severe bone loss. For most of us, bone loss can be significantly slowed through proper nutrition and regular exercise.


Perfecting your SQUAT allows you to correct your posture through movement and re-training the body to work against gravity with stronger muscles. 

Squats are very leg focused and we forget the bonus of better posture and who doesn’t want to feel taller and stronger. 

When SQUATTING, the body is required to hold the upper body in position during the two-phase movement, engaging the core, spinal stabilisers and shoulder mobility. 

Improving the core and back muscles will have you moving better in your everyday tasks, plus reduce any back pain and improve your balance and co-ordination.


Improved posture, strength and reduced body aches and pains would improve anyone’s mood plus exercise in general has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety. 

Highlighted as symptom’s during peri-menopause and menopause. 

Studies have found regular exercise can: 

  • Make it easier for you to fall asleep 
  • Help you sleep for longer lengths of time without interruption
  • Increase the amount of time you spend in deeper stages of sleep
  • Reduce your time spent lying in bed awake

The magic power of exercise and incorporating the ultimate SQUAT, starts to release the mood-boosting ‘happy hormones’ endorphins after exercise. 

If a combination of positive energy, feeling stronger, reduced pain, improved sleep and mood is all on your wish list, don’t miss a squat day.




 I can highly recommend Active Range – Steph is a very professional instructor and is highly adaptable to provide tailored sessions to meet individual capabilities and goals. Steph has a strong focus on ensuring correct posture and technique for each of the pre-planned exercises. I can definitely say that after each session I feel stronger, taller and motivated to look forward to the next. Janet W

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