It’s time to give your bones the attention they deserve.

You might not know it, but your BONES could be failing you⁠.

⁠With one in two women diagnosed with osteoporosis, known as the "Silent Killer Disease", it's never too late to improve your bone health!

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Power up Your Bones!
Take your Bone | Smart collagen daily to benefit your joint and bone health. Being unflavoured makes it so easy to add to your yoghurt, smoothie or acai bowl. Just 1 heaped teaspoon every day is all you need for happy bones.

  • Strong Bones & Joints

  • Reduced Inflammation & Joint Pain

  • Feeling Active, Vibrant & Strong

  • Improved Sleep & Mood

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    BONE | SMART Type I & III grass-fed collagen combined with rich Vitamin D3—an essential nutrient known as "the bone vitamin." 

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Take our Bone Health Quiz

Healthy or brittle bones, do you know your risk?

We CARE for your bones

That's why we've created a QUIZ. It's quick and easy and will help you find out if you might be at risk of Osteoporosis, plus give your some tips on the way.

Are you READY to find out?

*Please note this is not a diagnosis and your should speak to a healthcare professional for further information.

Customer Testimonials

Hi there, I’m Steph!

Founder of Active Range, ESSA Exercise Physiologist, Pilates Instructor, Onero trained (and a huge bone health advocate – which might not be the trendiest passion, but I do believe it’s the most important).

Future proofing your health is
essential, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

All YOU need to know is that I’m here to be your expert guide to stronger bones.

So here’s to a future of happy bones, healthy joints and living a truly full life without the worry of brittle bones!

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